Forms by Number: RE100 through RE298


Fillable forms cannot be submitted electronically, but must be printed and mailed.
Please visit eLicensing for online submission options.


Form Title PDF Fill-In PDF Print Only
RE 103 Public Records Access Guidelines   x
RE 129 Speakers Bureau Request x  
RE 156 Language Access Complaint Form x  
RE 156 (Español) Language Access Complaint Form (Español) x  
RE 200 Broker License Application   x
RE 200A Broker License Application Instructions   x
RE 202 Salesperson License Application   x
RE 202A Salesperson License Application Instructions   x
RE 201 & RE 218 Corporation License Application x  
RE 203 Branch Office Application x  
RE 204 Broker Change Application (For Broker Licensees) x  
RE 204A Corporation Change Application x  
RE 206 Exam & Licensing Fees   x

RE 207 & RE 251

Officer Renewal Application x  
RE 208 & RE 251 Broker Renewal Application x  
RE 209 & RE 251 Salesperson Renewal Application x  
RE 210 Certification (Assignment of Supervisory Responsibility) x  
RE 212 Corporation Background Statement x  
RE 213 Continuing Education Extension/Exemption Request x  
RE 214 Salesperson Change Application x  
RE 214A Restricted Salesperson Change Application x  
RE 215 Broker-Associate Affiliation Notification x  
RE 216 Original License Checklist   x
RE 216A Renewal License Checklist   x
RE 216B Exam/License Application Checklist   x
RE 218 Corporate License Instructions   x
RE 222 Applicant Eligibility Information   x
RE 223 Examination Applicant Foreign Education Information   x
RE 226 Licensed Experience Verification x  
RE 227 Non-Licensed Experience Verification x  
RE 228 Experience Certification x  
RE 234 Consent to Service of Process (Real Estate Applicant/Licensee) x  
RE 235 Out-of-State Broker Acknowledgment x  
RE 237 Live Scan Service Request (Applicant/Petitioner)
[3-part form]
RE 237B Fingerprint Information   x
RE 238 Indictment, Conviction, and Disciplinary Action Notification x  
RE 239 Decedent Funds Request x  
RE 242 Branch or Division Manager Appointment x  
RE 247 Add/Cancel Salesperson Owned Fictitious Business Name x  
RE 251 Continuing Education Course Verification x  
RE 252 Continuing Education Error Codes & Instructions   x
RE 254 to RE 275 See Prepaid Rental Listing Service Forms    
RE 282 Fictitious Business Name Information   x
RE 288 Support Obligor Fee Notice x  
RE 292 License Status/Comment Definitions   x
RE 293 Certified License History Request x  
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