Examinations Forms


Fillable forms cannot be submitted electronically, but must be printed and mailed.
Please visit eLicensing for online submission options.


Form Title PDF Fill-In PDF Print Only
RE 206
Exam & Licensing Fees   x
RE 216B
Exam/License Application Checklist   x
RE 222
Applicant Eligibility Information   x
RE 223
Examination Applicant Foreign Education Information   x
RE 226
Licensed Experience Verification x  
RE 227
Non-Licensed Experience Verification x  
RE 228
Experience Certification x  
RE 234
Consent to Service of Process (Real Estate Applicant/Licensee) x  
RE 237
Live Scan Service Request (Applicant/Petitioner)
[3-part form]
RE 237B
Fingerprint Information   x
RE 350
Publications Request x  
RE 400A
Salesperson Examination Application x  
RE 400B
Broker Examination Application x  
RE 403
Examination Administration Comment Form x  
RE 407
Examination Reader and/or Writer/Marker Request and Certification x  
RE 413
Reasonable Accommodation Request for Examination x  
RE 415A
Salesperson Examination Change Application x  
RE 415B
Broker Examination Change Application x  
RE 423
Examination Requirements   x
RE 425
Examination Description   x
RE 428A
Salesperson Examination Packet (cover sheet)   x
RE 428B
Broker Examination Packet (cover sheet)   x
RE 216B
RE 435
RE 435A
RE 237

Salesperson Exam/License Application x  
RE 216B
RE 436
RE 436A
RE 237

Broker Exam/License Application x  
RE 909
Credit Card Payment x  
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