Education and Research (Sponsors) Forms

Please note: The Continuing Education Offering Application Packet consists of RE 300, RE 302, RE 308, RE 312, RE 315, RE 318A, RE 335 and RE 349. Continuing Education course providers preparing course material for offerings in the mandatory course categories of Agency, Ethics, Fair Housing, Risk Management, or Trust Fund Handling will need to follow the guidelines as set forth in form RE 329. The Pre-license Course Application Packet consists of RE 303, RE 306, RE 307, RE 318A, RE 336 and RE 423. Course sponsors that would like to pay course fees by credit card can use form RE 909.

All out-of-state course providers will also need RE 304.

Form Title PDF Fill-In PDF Print Only
RE 300
(Rev 8/15)
CE Offering Checklist and Instructions   x
RE 302
(Rev 8/15)
CE Completion Certificate (Sample)   x
RE 303
(Rev 8/14)
Pre-License Course Instructions   x
RE 304
(Rev 8/14)
Consent to Service of Process (CE Offering/ RE Course) x  
RE 306
(Rev 8/14)
Pre-License Course Approval Application x  
RE 307
(Rev 8/14)
Regulation Excerpts (Private Vocational Schools)   x
RE 308
(Rev 12/15)
Continuing Education General Information Page
(*Microsoft Word 97 format)
RE 311
(Rev 8/14)
Statutory/Pre-License Course Completion Certificate (Sample)   x
RE 312
(Rev 8/14)
Continuing Education Regulations   x
RE 313
(Rev 11/15)
Pre-License General Information Page (*Microsoft Word 97 format) *  

RE 300 & RE 314
(Rev 11/15)

CE Offering Renewal Application x  

RE 300 & RE 315
(Rev 8/15)

CE Offering Approval Application x  
RE 318A
(Rev 8/14)
Course and Instructor Evaluation x  
RE 329
(Rev 8/15)
Course Guidelines   x
RE 332
(Rev 8/14)
CE Equivalent Activity Petition Application x  
RE 335
(Rev 6/15)
C.E. Instructor Certification x  
RE 336
(Rev 8/14)
Pre-License Instructor Certification x  
RE 340
(Rev 6/15)
Education Provider Complaint x  
RE 340A
(Rev 6/15)
Education Provider Complaint Form Information   x
RE 349
(Rev 8/14)
Record of Attendance x  
RE 423
(Rev 7/13)
Examination Requirements   x
RE 909
(Rev 11/13)
Credit Card Payment x  
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