Prepaid Rental Listing Services Forms

Form Title PDF Fill-In PDF Print Only
RE 254
PRLS Licensing Information   x
RE 255
Officer Renewal Application (PRLS)   x
RE 256
Designated Agent Application (PRLS)   x
RE 258
PRLS Claim Procedure   x
RE 259
PRLS Bond/Cash Deposit Claim   x
RE 260
Prepaid Rental Listing Service (PRLS) Fees   x
RE 261
Individual Renewal Application (PRLS)   x
RE 263
Consent to Service of Process (Prepaid Rental Listing Service)   x
RE 266
Individual Change Application (PRLS) x  
RE 267
Corporation & Officer Change Application (PRLS)   x
RE 268
PRLS Contract Information   x
RE 269
Prepaid Rental Listing Service Law & Regulation Excerpts   x
RE 270
Surety Bond (PRLS)   x
RE 271
Individual License Application (PRLS) x  
RE 272
Corporation License Application (PRLS) x  
RE 273
Unlicensed Officer Questionnaire (PRLS) x  
RE 274
Additional Location Application (PRLS)   x
RE 275
Cash Deposit Security (PRLS) x  
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