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High School Financial Literacy Course

This Financial Literacy High School course is provided by the California Department of Real Estate in partnership with Sacramento Charter High School and the National Association of Real Estate Brokers-Investment Division, Inc., a HUD Housing Counseling Agency NID-HCA ("NID-HCA"). Its production and distribution is part of a DRE Financial Literacy Outreach Program initiative.

Event Spotlight

April 2024 is the 24th Annual California Financial Literacy Month – "Helping Californians Make Informed Financial Decisions." This coordinated consumer education campaign encourages individuals throughout the State to take full advantage of free resources designed to improve financial literacy and increase decision making power. This year's theme – "Helping Californians Make Informed Financial Decisions" – highlights the importance of making well-informed financial decisions to achieve financial goals.

Upcoming Events - 2024

Date Event
April 24, 2024

Department of Financial Protection and Innovation
Financial Literacy Resource Webinar

Ask the Experts - Video Series

Dionne Faulk: Intro to DRE, and Financial Literacy Outreach Program

Mark Riedy: The Real Estate and Mortgage Market

Dan Sandri: Issues to Consider when Buying a Home

Tom Pool: Protecting Yourself During the Loan Process

Kathy Smith: Importance of High School Students Establishing Savings/Checking Accounts

Scott Brogery: Financial Planning & Budgeting for High School Students

Wayne Bell: Finding the Right Real Estate Professional

Chris Neri: Common Mistakes People Make When Buying a Home

Manny Aguilar: Establishing & Maintaining Good Credit

Josh Torres: Vehicle Purchase & The Affect Your Credit Score Has On Your Loan Terms

Emily Haward: Education Financing Options & Resources

Tali Abramson: Key Topics for First Time Renters

Rich Dusansky: How to Protect Your Identity & Financial Future

Shannon Faulk: Insurance - Who Needs It & Why

Steve Ellis: Important Steps to Purchasing a Home

Bill Moran: Protect Yourself During the Home Buying Process

Chris Sorenson: Financial Literacy & the Four B's: Buying, Budgeting, Borrowing & Beyond

Jacqueline Carlisle: Obstacles to Buying a Home

Michael Spilger: Short Sale vs. Foreclosure - Affects on Your Credit Score

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